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Flyers may be small, but they can have a big impact in getting your brand in your customers hand. They come in all shapes, sizes and finishes, making it easy for you to really get creative and personalise a flyer to reflect your business in the best way possible. Here are 5 ways as to which flyers can better your brand.

Large Audience Reach

Flyers are a quick and instant way to increase your audience. With multiple ways of distribution, you can find the one that is the most effective for your business. Flyer distribution includes door to door, magazine insert, store insert, delivery package and street distribution. It shows you can tailor it the audience you want to attract. For example, if you are a hairdresser, you might decide that inserting a flyer  in a hair and beauty magazine is a great way to promote your business or if you are a start-up then handing out leaflets in a busy town centre might be an easy way to be seen.

Physically in their hands

Even in a digital world, physical print still holds value for how your brand is perceived. If your flyer is made from thin and flimsy paper, what does that say about your brand? Investing in quality is also investing in your brand. You want potential and existing customers to feel the quality of your brand through your print products, knowing that you are a brand that cares about your image. Click Print Go offer high quality flyers for a reasonable price.

Help support big events

You can also use flyers as way to support big events coming up. From Black Friday to new product launches, flyers can be used as a tool to help strengthen your marketing campaign. You can use them to have important information about the event and your brand, so the customer must relook at your flyer, keeping your brand in fresh in their thoughts.

Easily track responses

Who doesn’t love money off or discount on a product? Putting exclusive discounts on a flyer will intrigue the customer and make them feel special if the offer is only exclusive on the flyer. They will feel as if they have to buy something in order to get their value for money. This is also a great way to track where your customers are coming from. For example if you are a clothing company offering 20% with code FLYER20, you will be able see how many of those people that received a flyer bought from your business and if it was effective.

Works nicely with your digital marketing

Physical and digital can work together! Direct your customers from physical to online by using scannable QR codes or social media handles for them to follow. This raises awareness of your products or services through multiple customer touchpoints increase your digital presence, leading to a more integrated marketing campaign. This can result in your brand being at the forefront of the consumers mind as they see it online and in the outside world.

When marketing your business, flyers are a very cost effective way of getting information into the hands of your potential customers. Why not head to our website to start creating your flyers today. If you don’t have any artwork, don’t worry there are 12,000 different templates you can easily update to your brand, no matter your sector  Don’t forget to use MYFIRST30 at the checkout to receive 30% off your first order over £50 and all standard orders come with free delivery!

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