The Business Card has been a staple element of many businesses, from finance to fashion. Yet, as businesses and people cater towards a more digital world, especially after COVID-19 changing the way many companies operate, is the Business Card still vital? Perhaps the Card needs to evolve the same way other areas of business has. Here are 4 reasons as to why we believe they still hold value in a Digital World.

1. Ease

As the world slowly opens up with employees returning back to the office and social events starting to take place once again, people are not just meeting through computer screens. The Business Card offers ease with immediate and important information all in one space. No need to worry about tapping an email or number into another person’s phone, when you can simply hand over a card with email and number all in one. Unlike a single email or number, a business card can offer a personal touch, giving a glimpse of the business as well as the representative. This can be shown through the colour, design, logo, font, embossing and size. It doesn’t have to be a plain white rectangle with black writing, it can be something creative and unique!

2. Personal touch

In addition to the Business Card having a personal touch, it can make a great first impression. Showing a sense of credibility, professionalism and loyalty. It has a stronger presence than just email interactions, as with the card they also see the person, hopefully resulting in long lasting business relationships. A professional looking card shows the willingness you are to do business and you are serious about it.

3. Cost-effective marketing tool

It is relatively cost-effective compared to other marketing forms within businesses and gives a business or service exposure quickly. If a card is good it could be shared between colleagues offering recommendations, which is free marketing for you! At networking events and trade shows, Business Cards are an efficient way to talk to potential clients and give the same information multiple times with no hassle. Having a Business Card on you at all times will make you realise how often business opportunities occur, even in unrelated social events.

4. Leads to the Digital World

Finally, they offer a way into the Digital World, combining the on and offline experience of a business. Business cards can include QR codes, leading to websites or include social media handles to direct clients to Instagram or Facebook pages. By giving a physical element that leads people to the digital world, it demonstrates that your business can accommodate both physical and digital needs.

To summarise, Business Cards still have a place within the Digital World, as they have always had a strong existence in business. The format or contents of a Business Card may change with time, but the concept will always be the same. If you are looking to create an exciting Business Card or want to upgrade your current one, Click Print Go can offer this service. With a wide range of templates to chose from, there is one that will fit your business. Click the link to start today.